Website Firearm and Ammo Sales Halted

As far back as September 2019 Plumsted Arms halted the sales of all firearms and ammunition except for Nighthawk Custom firearms. This unprecedented move was necessary due to all the major wholesale outfits going on to full allocation of firearms and dropping all inventory from their on-line database’s. Plumsted Arms always updated their on-line store with the whole sale inventory available in real time. When you ordered a firearm and it said in-stock it was in-stock and available for delivery to you. That all changed with this crazy crap happening and the run on firearms and ammunition. Now we as dealers must stand in line for allocations of firearms.

Everyone has an opinion or a prediction on when or if this market disaster with firearms or ammunition will end. We have no idea however we have been able, as a Premier Dealer for Nighthawk Customs, to maintain a reasonable inventory of Nighthawk firearms and continue to receive new inventory on a regular basis. We are also accepting orders for Nighthawk Customs firearms.

As far as ammo is concerned we have no ammunition for sale and any ammo that comes in that we have ordered is going to our regular customers.

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