Important Links

NICS Submission

Use this form to enter your NICS information so that we have the information ready to be submitted to the NICS System.

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Firearm Transfer Request

This information will allow us to accept a firearm transfer for you. Submiting this form will also provide us with notification of your pending transfer. 

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Credit Card Submission

You may use this form to securely submit your credit card details if you have purchased one of our firearms off of one of the internet bidding sites.

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If you have purchased a firearm and are having it shipped to us to perform your transfer the seller must ship the firearm to our location and will require a current copy of our FFL. Press the download button to obtain a copy of our FFL.

The Legal Process

The Federal and State requirements for transfering a firearm are the same regardless if you are transferring or purchasing a firearm from our web site. The ATF requirement by law is that Section A of the ATF Form 4473 MUST be completed prior to submitting a NICS check and the law also requires that you complete this form in person.  In order to receive a firearm that you have purchased elsewhere or have purchased from our site the process is nearly identical. 

Begin by ordering your firearm. If you order it directly from Plumsted Arms then you do not need to supply any additional information about the purchase. The firearm will be shipped diretly to our us from our supplier. If you order your firearm from another firearm dealer you will be required to provide a copy of our Federal Firearm’s License to the seller. The law requires them to ship firerarms only to another current FFL. The link at the very top of this page will allow you to download a PDF version of our Federal Firearm’s License. Forward this to your seller with instructions that the bottom part of the license must be completed.

You must browse to the information link on our web site and complete this form right away. This form must be completed in order for us to proceed with your firearm’s transfer. If we receive firearms without having any information there is nothing we can do to process your firearm. If we have no information to process the transfer within 5 days we cannot book in your transfer and we will send it back to the seller COD. You would be amazed how many times we receive firearms from dealers with absolutely no information except for their FFL and we have no idea who the firearm belongs to. The NICS Submission form has a section for you to tell us about the purchase you made and are shipping to us.

If you are transferring a firearm from a private individual you must make sure that they include a legible copy of their valid driver’s license. Firearms received without any paperwork from private individuals will be sent back COD, no exceptions.
When we receive your submission form we will contact you by Email. At that point you may visit our shop (appointment by Email) at any time up to the time of transfer and complete your ATF Form 4473 Section A. **NOTE, you may also complete this form on the day you are scheduled to pick up the firearm however we will not run your NICS background check until this is completed. This means that you may need to wait an undetermined amount of time to receive a response from the State Police regarding your NICS check and there is no guarantee you will receive this response until the following day. Therefore we strongly advise that you arrange with us to visit our shop and complete your ATF Form 4473 prior to the day you wish to pickup your firearm.

Once your fiream is received, or your transfer arrives, we will process your paperwork and arrange by Email for your pickup date and time. If you have completed the ATF Form 4473 in advance of your pickup date then the transfer process will take only a few minutes. Otherwise you are at the mercy of the NJ State Police NICS Unit and you may be sitting around waiting. We do not have a snack bar or cocktail lounge so there may not be much for you to do but wait in your car and there is no guarantee that you will walk away that day with your fiream. Don’t blame us, talk to your legislators.