In order to service your transfer needs we request you complete the following form. This information will allow us to accept a firearm transfer for you. Submiting this form will also provide us with notification of your pending transfer. You should not initiate the transfer until we have acknowledged your request. There are occasions when we are not available to accept transfers and to make sure you receive your fiream in a timely fashion you must submit this request form. Some days we receive several transfer firearms and often times firearms are sent to us without any information. In that case your firearm will remain in our shop until you contact us or the sending party contacts us and lets us know who the firearm belongs to.

There are several things you should know before transferring a firearm

  1. It is your responsibility to make sure the firearm you are sending to our location is New Jersey Compliant. We will not do compliance work on any firearm for you. That includes blocking magazines.
  2. If a firearm is sent to our location with a high capacity magazine we will not transfer the firearm with the illegal magazine. You will loose the magazine. We do not perform magazine swaps, sell magazines on your behalf, or send magazines back to the seller. The magazine becomes the property of D.R.A. Technologies and will be destroyed.
  3. If a firearm is received that is not New Jersey compliant you are responsible for all costs that are incurred as a result of returning that firearm to the seller, or sending the firearm to another FFL. Those costs include our normal transfer fees, All shipping costs including any boxes or containers that may be required, and a $25 nuisance fee. 
  4. Any firearm shipped to our facility will be stored for up to 12 months. After 12 months that firearm automatically becomes the property of D.R.A. Technologies and will be sold for storage and transfer costs.
  5. All transfer fees must be made in cash, no exceptions. We will not accept checks or credit cards for transfer fees. Please bring exact change.
  6. Transfer fees are charged over and above the New Jersey NICS fee which is currently $15.00 for Long Guns and $16 for Pistols.
Transfer Request