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In order for Plumsted Arms to process your transfer we must first receive the information on this form. All the information must be completed so we can properly handle your firearm when it is received. 

New Jersey is an ATF Point of Contact State (POC). That means that the background check is handled by the New Jersey State Police, not directly through the FBI's database. Prior to purchasing a firearm through a dealer in New Jersey the dealer must submit your information to the New Jersey State Police to perform a background check. This process must be done following your completion of Section A of the ATF Form 4473. The State Police add additional background checks unique to the State of New Jersey to the already populated federal database maintained by the FBI. That also means that a NICS check in New Jersey is not free as it is in states that are not POC states. The cost to perform NICS checks in New Jersey is $15 and that fee is not taxable.

Please remember, submitting false or innacurate information in an attempt to purchase a firearm is a crime and you can expect a visit from the NJSP Firearms unit if you have provided false information in an attempt to purchase a firearm.

Required NICS Information

  • Email Address (Required)

  • Telephone Number - Preferably Mobile

    As it appears on your drivers license

  • Street Address

    City Of Residence

  • State

  • Optional

  • Drivers License Expiration Date

    Is the purchaser and active Federal, State, County or Local law enforcement officer or other law enforcement agency, who's law enforcement identification you have physically verified, purchasing handguns for use in the actual performance of law enforcement duties?

  • If you are transferring a firearm please give us the details of the transfer. Where it is coming from and what the transfer is.

Non-US Citizen Must Complete The Next Three Fields

  • 4473 Question #14

  • 4473 question #15

  • 4473 question #12

Complete if you have a valid multiple handgun purchase exemption

  • List the serial numbers of all the handguns included in the multiple handgun purchase exemption.

* Required Fields