FFL Services

What are your transfer fees?

Transfer fees vary based on the type of firearm and if you purchased it from us.

I am waiting for permits or "One Gun a Month". Will you store my firearm?

Yes, for up to 12 months.

How do I perform a Face To Face transaction?

Face to face transactions can be performed at our shop. Read more for details.

What is a FFL?

Federally Licensed Firearms Dealer

Do I need to pay for NICS even if I purchase my firearm or receiver through your site?

Yes but occasionally we run NICS specials.

Why do we pay NICS fees in New Jersey and not in other states.

Because New Jersey has to profit from everything you do.

At other shops I pay Sales Tax on my NICS Check. Why don't you charge Sales Tax?

Because it's unlawful and your being double taxed. Read on.

What forms of payment do you accept?

If you are from New Jersey and you are picking up your firearm from our shop we will take your personal check however you must wait 3 business days for the check to clear. We do not accept out of state checks. For out of state purchases, or purchases in New Jersey that are shipped to another FFL, we accept cashier's check, cash, and money orders.

We do take credit cards for firearm purchases. We accept Master Card, Visa, and Discover. We do NOT accept American Express. Credit card purchases are subject to a 3% fee for processing. We are a small operation however the credit card companies charge us fees on everything we do by credit card. If you wish to use a credit card for your firearm purchase we ask that you pay the fees.

We do not accept credit card for FFL services which include transfer fees and NICS fees (that are not part of a firearm purchase from our site). Our transfer services and face to face transfer services are cash only and are paid up-front before the paperwork is completed and the firearm is transfered.

I purchased a firearm on-line and they shipped me the wrong one or it's damaged. What do I do now?

Once you purchase a firearm and use our license to have the firearm shipped to us for transfer you are then responsible for the NICS and transfer fees, regardless of the outcome of the transfer. If the seller has shipped you the wrong firearm or you ...

Do you do New Jersey Compliance Work?

No, read on.

My firearm was shipped to you and is not NJ compliant, what now?

Read on to see what your options are.

Face to Face Transactions, non-compliant firearms.

Will you perform a face to face transfer on a non-compliant firearm?

Traveling in New Jersey With Loaded Magazines.

One of the most debated questions in NJ to date. Read on !!

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