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Upload Your FFL Information Required For Shipment

If you have purchased a firearm on our web site, or from one of our internet stores located on sites such as Gunbroker.com, we must have your FFL's actual license prior to making the shipment. Federal law requires us to ship firearms only to licensed retail firearm dealers with a valid FFL License. You can either upload your FFL's license or provide your FFL with a link to this page so they can upload the license. If you or your FFL experiences any problems uploading the license file you can send it by Email as an attachment to Transfers@dratechnology.com.


Required Information

Please Provide Us With The Actual Buyer's Full Name

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Please Enter The Name Of The FFL As It Appears On The License

You can upload 1 file. All files will be scanned for viruses prior to opening. The maximum file size is 2MB