Credit Card Submission Form

You may use this form to securely submit your credit card details if you have purchased one of our firearms off of one of the internet bidding sites. The information is securely transmitted directly to our store and is not stored on the internet. Since we do not store credit card information on any internet capable servers you must resubmit your credit card information each time you make a purchase on-line.

Please note, we accept Visa, Master Card and Discover only. We do not accept American Express.

Required Information

Telephone Number - Preferably Mobile

Your Name As It Appears On The Credit Card

The Billing Address For The Credit Card

The Billing City For The Credit Card

The Billing State For The Credit Card

The Zip Code Where The Card Is Billed

The Credit Card Expiration Date

Credit Card Information

Your Credit Card Number. Do Not Enter Spaces

The Credit Card CVV 3 Digit Code Located On The Back Of The Card

!! If the billing zip code of the credit card is not the same as your billing address at the beginning of this form enter your cards billing zip code.